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Lockhart Campus


Trinity Charter Schools - Lockhart Campus is a growing, vibrant environment where up to 175 neglected and abused children come to live, work, receive education, and undergo treatment for a variety of presenting problems. The staff here at Lockhart is dedicated and committed to helping students become successful, productive members of our society. Our goals for this year include pushing students to achieve their full potential and ensuring that every student has a successful post-secondary plan for his future.


Trinity Charter Schools - Lockhart Campus is proud to serve a diverse student population of 3rd through 12th graders. We are eager to see continued growth and academic achievement for our students, many of whom come to us with large gaps in their education. We expect nothing less than 100%!

In order to fulfill our goals for success and greatness, the Lockhart Campus looks forward to working extensively with parents and community members every day. Always know that Trinity Charter Schools - Lockhart Campus is committed to your students and will stop at nothing to ensure their success.

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