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About Us

Since 2003 Trinity Charter Schools has been dedicated to Educating and Empowering Students to Transform and Reclaim Their Lives. We continuously seek to provide a welcoming, nurturing, and academically rich environment where students can build upon academic success. We provide educational services within residential treatment facilities throughout the state of Texas. Our students thrive on the structured learning opportunities we provide to them. Our purpose is to empower lifelong learning to help students successfully transition into the world. Our students play an active role in planning and guiding their own academic careers through student-led credit acceleration and recovery, guided graduation planning, and career exploration. These efforts result in student-led conferences that showcase academic growth and success. We believe all students are capable of great things, and we are here to support them.

Leadership Team

The dedicated and professional leadership team works behind the scenes to provide comprehensive support to ensure our school district runs smoothly.

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Reclaim Academy

Trinity Charter Schools Reclaim Academy is designed for student success. The Reclaim Academy is an online high school that offers credit recovery through an alternative learning environment.

Board of Directors

Learn about the important role our Board of Directors has in shaping the direction and policies of our school district.

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