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Canyon Lake Campus

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The Trinity Charter School – Canyon Lake Campus welcomes all who come to our campus including students, parents, volunteers, and visitors. Our campus is located in a residential facility. We are an open-enrollment charter school. Our campus is located on the beautiful and calm Guadalupe River. We serve students from the 4th grade to the 12th grade. Our educational goal is to educate and empower our students so that they can self-advocate and succeed in life. We encourage our students to take their education to new heights.


Our teachers help our students to achieve new levels in their education by using multi-sensory and individualized methods based on each student's learning style. Our classrooms are small and have a low student-to-teacher ratio. Our technology is interactive and aids students in credit recovery.

Our staff encourages our students to take responsibility and advocate for their educational needs. The Principal and Dean of Instruction meet with the students on a regular basis. Our students are involved in their educational planning. Our high school students have an understanding of their graduation needs. They help develop their individualized graduation plan.

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