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School Safety & Security

Trinity Charter Schools continuously works to provide a safe and secure learning environment for their students, personnel, visitors, and the community. We welcome input and feedback from all stakeholders with regard to the safety and security of our district.


School Safety and Security Committee

Trinity Charter Schools’ Safety and Security Committee is a working group of diverse individuals that serves the members of its open-enrollment charter schools by helping to create and maintain a safe and secure school climate and culture for staff and students.


Safe and Supportive School Program Team

The Safe and Supportive School Program Team is a team that conducts behavioral threat assessments by assessing and reporting individuals who make threats of violence or exhibit harmful, threatening, or violent behavior and who gathers and analyzes data to determine the level of risk and appropriate intervention. The team serves as a safety net for the community and school by:

1.    Conducting a fact-based, systematic, and investigative approach to determining how likely a person is to carry out a threat of violence.
2.    Identifying, assessing, and managing appropriate interventions for individuals who are at risk for violence against themselves and  others.
3.    Providing guidance to students and school employees on recognizing harmful, threatening, or violent behavior that may pose a threat to the community, school, or individual.
When conducting this process with fidelity it leads to a positive and safe school climate.  This process is not intended to be punitive or adversarial; rather, it is a way to build trust and situational awareness.



Reporting a Threat

There are three ways to report a threat to the Trinity Charter Schools administration. If you know of a direct threat that was made or you feel there is a potential threat posed to Trinity Charter Schools campuses. We urge you to report your concerns promptly.

1. Contact any of our principals directly:


Sandra Blasser

Trinity Charter Schools

25752 Kingsland Blvd.

Katy, Texas 77494


Nicki Cornejo

Trinity Charter Schools

2902 Hwy. 31 East

Tyler, Texas 75702


April Rogers

Trinity Charter Schools

650 Scarborough

Canyon Lake, Texas 78133


Amy Mendoza

Trinity Charter Schools

896 Robin Rand Road,

Lockhart, Texas 78644


2. Email the Safety and Security Committee directly. Please include details such as the nature of the threat, names of involved parties, dates and times, words said or action taken, how you received the information, and any other details that are crucial to the situation.

3. Fill out the anonymous online form.

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