Keely Reynolds

Principal of Pegasus

Keely Reynolds.jpg

As the Principal at Trinity Charter Schools- Pegasus campus, Keely Reynolds oversees the education of around 160 boys; this campus serves third through twelfth grades and is a boys-only facility. Keely diligently consults with the teacher and students at Pegasus, and policies on secondary education at both the local and federal levels to create individualized learning plans for each student. She has seen that implementing the “right” program and resources, students and schools have the confidence to succeed. Keely’s compassion for the children goes beyond their educational needs, as she also works closely with each Residential Treatment Facility to ensure the children's needs are also met outside the classroom. 

Inspired by her experience growing up on the El Paso/Mexico border and seeing firsthand the adverse effect of drugs, high school delinquency rates, and what low-income family outcomes posed for many students, Keely knew she had to go into education and be a strong advocate for at-risk children. Before joining the Trinity Charter Schools team, Keely obtained her Master’s Degree in Counseling and Administration. She began her career in education as a teacher. During her time in the classroom, she prepared curriculum and fine-tuned learning styles, peeled the onion back to build relationships with her students, and encouraged that raw desire in each student to reach for more.  Keely then moved to the head counselor position at Lockhart High School, where she worked to increase graduation rates and post-secondary opportunities relying on the support of student, staff, parents, and community teams. Keely’s next position was with The University of Texas Charter School as an Academic Transition Coordinator. She worked with the Pegasus students and students from three other Residential Treatment facilities, each requiring different levels of coaching and mentoring. She has also spent time attending conferences on research-based best practices that ensure that each student has the opportunity to succeed in credit recovery, degree completion, and career exploration. Keely is starting her nineteenth year in education and her tenth year with Trinity Charter Schools. Since joining Trinity Charter Schools, Keely has worked collaboratively with diverse stakeholders and built liaison relationships that she relies on to support the team approach in supporting schools and students on their mission to success in education; she believes it is essential to work hand in hand towards the common goal of student success and rehabilitation.


Keely says, “Working with at-risk youth has provided me an opportunity to use my past as a source of empathetic guidance to students who are without a path.  The students that I help through tough situations in life are my human bookmarks; they help me, and my colleagues remember why we fight so hard to build relationships and provide a good foundation and a quality education.  Every child deserves a second chance at life, a voice, and an advocate in the educational arena. My dream is to be that voice and advocate! I am truly honored to be able to serve as Principal of Trinity Charter School Pegasus Campus. I look forward to a wonderful year filled with great opportunities for our students!”