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Keely Reynolds

Meet Keely Reynolds, Trinity Charter Schools' Superintendent. Read more about Mrs. Reynolds below!

My Story

As the Superintendent of Trinity Charter Schools, Keely Reynolds leads the educational initiatives across all campuses. Drawing upon extensive knowledge and experience, Keely works diligently with teachers and students across the district to ensure the academic progress and well-being of all students at Trinity Charter Schools. By implementing effective programs and resources, Keely instills confidence in both students and staff, fostering an environment conducive to success. Keely ensures that the district creates trauma-informed environments within our schools. This involves understanding how trauma affects students' behavior, implementing strategies to minimize triggers, and fostering a safe and supportive atmosphere that promotes healing and resilience.


With a focus on excellence, Keely ensures that the organization operates in compliance with Trinity Charter Schools' policies, procedures, and standards while meeting the annual performance standards set forth by the Texas Education Agency. Keely's expertise and commitment contribute to the overall success of the educational initiatives undertaken by Trinity Charter Schools.

Inspired by her upbringing on the El Paso/Mexico border, where she witnessed the detrimental effects of drugs, high delinquency rates, and the challenges faced by low-income families, Keely was driven to pursue a career in education and become a strong advocate for at-risk children. Prior to joining Trinity Charter Schools, Keely earned a Master's Degree in Counseling and Administration. Her journey in education began as a teacher, where she skillfully developed a curriculum, cultivated relationships with students, and nurtured their aspirations for personal growth.

Keely's professional trajectory then led her to assume the role of head counselor at Lockhart High School, where she effectively raised graduation rates and expanded post-secondary opportunities through collaborative efforts involving students, staff, parents, and community members. Continuing to excel, she served as an Academic Transition Coordinator at The University of Texas Charter School, providing academic and mental health support and post-secondary guidance to Pegasus students and those from other Residential Treatment facilities with varying needs. Keely also earned her Licensed Professional Counseling (LPC) certificate in 2014 which she believes brings a unique skill set and understanding to effectively support at-risk students who have experienced trauma. Keely’s knowledge and expertise as both a Superintendent and LPC contribute to creating a nurturing and inclusive school environment that promotes healing, resilience, and academic success.  Keely's commitment to student success, credit recovery, degree completion, and career exploration is further evidenced by her active participation in conferences focused on research-based best practices.

With 23 years in education and 10 years at Trinity Charter Schools, Keely has built strong partnerships with diverse stakeholders, fostering collaboration and a team-oriented approach. Recognizing the importance of collective efforts toward the shared objective of student success and rehabilitation, Keely believes in working hand in hand with others to support schools and students on their educational journeys.

Reflecting on her work with at-risk youth, Keely views her past experiences as a wellspring of empathetic guidance for students searching for direction. Building relationships and trust with our students is the number one thing we focus on before anything else happens in the classroom. Keely stresses the importance of relationships before Rigor with all TCS educators. Students who have experienced trauma often struggle with trust and forming relationships. When educators focus on building relationships before rigor, they can establish a rapport with our students, demonstrating empathy, understanding, and a non-judgmental attitude. This helps create a safe space where students feel comfortable sharing their experiences and seeking support.


These students serve as reminders of the profound importance of building relationships and providing a solid foundation and quality education. Keely believes that every child deserves a second chance, a voice, and an advocate within the educational arena. Her ultimate aspiration is to fulfill that role as a voice and advocate, and she feels deeply honored to serve as the Superintendent of Trinity Charter Schools. Keely eagerly anticipates a year filled with abundant opportunities for student growth and achievement.

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