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At Trinity Charter Schools Youth & Family campus the success of our students is what matters most. We began our educational services here in August 2016 to boys in care of the state receiving residential treatment care. Some students need a new opportunity while others seek an individualized educational approach that is not offered by traditional schools. Whether a student has fallen behind or simply wants to get ahead, our true innovative technology based learning environment program is designed to ensure that they learn and succeed.

At our Youth & Family campus we serve a diverse population of grades K-12th ensuring each student has an individualized path for success. Teachers at our Youth & Family campus hold a multitude of certifications and are 100% Highly Qualified in their respective content area. Some of the areas in which we provide specialized services include credit recovery for students who may have lost credit due to absences or failing grades. We also provide self-paced online courseware for highly motivated students who are eager to finish their high school career early.

We believe that all of our students can be successful when given the correct learning tools to succeed in not only education but in life itself. We are here to empower students to transform and to reclaim their lives.

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