Technology Plans and Policies

Technology Policies

TCS is developing innovative technology strategies to help students with literacy, remediation, and credit recovery while also providing opportunities for accelerated studies and provide tools to help teachers manage their classrooms. The school is also committed to electronic learning. TCS believes technology can accelerate and supplement quality instruction. TCS Technology is guided by our Long Range Strategic Plan for Technology.

The plan has been developed to provide the district with a roadmap for technology at the present and into the future. This plan has been developed to allow the district to receive the maximum benefit of the E-Rate program. We understand technology and instructional practice to be constantly evolving and as a result this “living” document will be refined and crafted through a continuous review process incorporating regular and annual reviews and updates. A diverse technology committee was assembled to lead the development of this plan including but not limited to: TCS Superintendent, Director of Instructional Technology, Director of Special Populations, campus leadership, Information Technologists, and instructional experts.

The Trinity Charter Schools long range strategic plan for technology was created to address the four key areas of the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020; as a result, all goals and objectives presented in the LRSPT fall into one of four categories:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Educator Preparation
  • Leadership, Administration, and Support
  • Infrastructure for Technology