Trinity Charter Schools utilizes the Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative – TEKS Resources for curriculum scope, sequence, vertical alignment charts and year at a glance curriculum mapping. It is a tiered and aligned curriculum which allows the district to conduct common formative student assessments. All content is aligned to the most current versions of the Texas State Board of Education adopted TEKS for each core subject area.

Technology allows additional implementation of differentiated instruction for additional student academic support. Student driven plans of action are developed based on each student’s individual needs.


TCS uses a five step process to assist in the development of student driven plans:

  1. Align Instruction to Standards
  2. Assess Student Progress and Mastery by Use of Initial Assessments and Benchmarks for Data
  3. Creation of Individualized, Student Driven Learning Plans
  4. Conduct Formative Assessment of Student Progress
  5. Make Adjustments Based on Progress and Repeat

Additional curricular and intervention support is provided through: